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Made from 7-8oz leather, our bandoleer is a stylish accessory featuring a cross body design and a replica flint lock pistol. All bandoleers are made with color fast double shoulder and feature a slight haircell texture. Finished with twin chrome plated buckles on front and back for adjustability to ensure maximum comfort and fit. Made in USA.


  • If this product gets mud, dust or debris on it. Use a warm wet cloth to wipe clean. Leather soaps and conditioners are not needed. Leather cleaning wipes can be used as well. Never use bleach or any harmful substance to the skin on the leather. To bring out the shine of our dyed products use a wool pad or soft pad or towel and wipe in a circular motion.  The friction will activate the wax on the product and renew the shine. If this product ever gets wet. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. Allow to lay out flat in a warm location and dry naturally. Some hardware over time will get a used or antiqued feel. Never use chemicals to clean the hardware and renew. Chemicals can affect the leather.

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